Now Is The Time To Build A Modular Home

Friday 8 November 2019, 10:58AM
By Media Giant


Building a home is not a pipe dream. With modular homes like those offered by Greenhaven Homes, constructed primarily in a factory and then transported to their chosen sites, it’s possible for many more New Zealanders to enjoy the pleasure that is designing, building, and living in a home that’s intended just for them. The construction method keeps costs down, opening up the opportunity to a wider range of budgets.


In many parts of the country, real estate is slow—and many urban areas have a shortage of housing. Depending on location, there may not be many options on the market. Along with the ability to customise a house to suit, this situation makes building even more agreeable. Current low interest rates add to the appeal, lowering finance barriers even further. Greenhaven Homes can be transported from their factory in Levin to sites throughout Wellington, Horowhenua, Kapiti, Manawatu, and the Hawkes Bay. Anyone in the North Island looking for a new place to call their own might consider the numerous advantages of a modular home build.


Greenhaven Homes’ modular designs are not only affordable and customisable, but made from high-quality materials and designed to be energy-efficient. This has benefits for both the environment and the budgets of those who inhabit the homes, as running costs are kept low. There is an array of available plans which make fantastic homes for the diverse households that exist in New Zealand, and each one can be adapted to suit its owners entirely.


For more information about building a modular home, contact the Greenhaven Homes team. You can make an enquiry online, call them on 0800 777 175 or visit the show home at 2-4 Waikawa Beach Road, Manakau—ten minutes south of Levin.