Likeable Lab Profiles Key Social Media Metrics for Return on Investment

Wednesday 13 November 2019, 6:47PM
By Beckie Wright

ROI-driven social media marketing agency Likeable Lab has outlined what they consider the two most crucial metrics for measuring return on investment.

These valuable insights are the result of Likeable Lab’s experience and expertise in the field of online marketing.

Likeable Lab cites landing page views as one of the most significant social media marketing metrics.  Landing page views measures the number of people who arrive at a company’s website. This is fundamentally and significantly different from link clicks, which could include people who mistakenly click a link but close the tab before the landing page has loaded.

Landing page views is an important metric for ROI because it helps companies determine the value of their efforts to attract web page visitors.

The second metric Likeable Lab advocates is lead metrics, which describes the actions a company is trying to compel social media users to take.

This might include subscribing to a newsletter, messaging the business, visiting a physical location or making a purchase from an online store. Paying close attention to lead metrics is important because it illustrates whether a company’s marketing efforts are achieving the desired outcome.

Likeable Lab specialises in content marketing that drives results. It believes in the modern power of a company’s social media presence and strives to create a distinct brand identity for each of its clients.

Likeable Lab’s results-oriented approach has made it one of the foremost authorities on ROI in the social media marketing industry.

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