Fresh Certifications for 3rd Arm Admin

Thursday 14 November 2019, 10:36AM
By Media Giant

Having put in the work to remain at the top of their field, 3rd Arm Admin now have the certificates to prove it. The Porirua-based team provide quality bookkeeping and administration services to businesses around New Zealand in need of a helping hand, customised to suit each company and their individual needs. Recently, each 3rd Arm Admin team member became a certified member of ICNZB, the Institute of Certified New Zealand Bookkeepers. The business as a whole is also now an Accredited Bookkeeping Business through the same institute.


The ICNZB is “focussed on the continual development and professionalism of our members, the profession and education of the general public on the value of bookkeeping.” As individual members and an accredited business, the 3rd Arm Admin team will receive support from the professional body, many resources including access to professional development courses, networking opportunities, and eligibility for the organisation’s Annual Excellence awards. Being part of the institute indicates that the team meets the standards of the profession and the ICNZB brand—that they are good at what they do and have the expertise to provide quality bookkeeping services as part of their full admin offering.


While businesses can provide great work without being part of a professional body, institutes like ICNZB offer reassurance that their members have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the service at hand. 3rd Arm Admin is proud to be a part of the organisation, and to continue offering quality, efficient, and customised bookkeeping to an array of Kiwi businesses. For more information about how they can help with a range of administration tasks, get in contact via the website or call the team on (04) 232 9199.