Microsclerotherapy: Palm Clinic Explain What You Need to Know

Thursday 28 November 2019, 6:25PM
By Beckie Wright

Spider veins (also called thread veins) are small dilated blood vessels with a red or bluish colour, and appear on the surface of the skin; particularly the legs, face and elsewhere (e.g. chest and breasts). However, they are most common on the outside of the thighs and around the knees but can occur anywhere on the legs or face.

At Palm Clinic spider veins are treated by Microsclerotherapy which is an injection technique using ultra fine needles or in some cases with Exotherme Laser (a vascular laser specifically for treating leg spider veins). Spider veins drain in to larger veins under the surface of the skin. If the veins that collect the blood from the spider veins are 'faulty' and too high pressure, treatment will usually be unsuccessful.

For this reason, Palm Clinic prefer to perform a diagnostic ultrasound of all legs before spider vein treatment, in case there are underlying veins which need to be treated first. If this is the case, they typically wait three months after the underlying treatment before treating the actual spider veins. Although this can be a drawn out process it typically gets the best cosmetic results.

Spider (or thread veins) can occur after trauma and appear to be associated with obesity and with occupations involving prolonged standing. They also often occur in association with underlying varicose veins, often not obvious due to their deeper location in the leg, and generally will have been inherited genetically.

You can prevent spider veins by wearing specialised support stockings and pantyhose, which may prevent dilated blood vessels from developing in some people. Also, maintaining an ideal weight and regular exercise, especially walking, may be helpful. You should also avoid wearing high-heeled shoes, as they can restrict ankle movement and thereby affect the pumping mechanism of the large vein.

Palm Clinic have been treating varicose veins and spider veins for over 20 years, and are one of New Zealand's longest standing Vein and Cosmetic Medicine Clinics, so for more information on fillers Auckland and blepharoplasty Auckland please go to .