Following the Product Process of Your Pumpd Breast Pump From Green Group Collective

Friday 29 November 2019, 1:59PM
By Beckie Wright

All Green Group Collective’ products are made from proven, high-quality materials and ingredients, and are packaged sustainably – proven to be safe for babies, simple for caregivers and kind to our planet, and their silicone breast pumps are no exception.

This durable and safe silicone has been tested to ensure it keeps working perfectly for ages – and they promise it will never grow teeth! Sheer simplicity (no clunky moving parts, power chords or batteries) makes sterilising easy with just a quick boil in plain water. This makes it easier to reduce chemicals around the home, too.

Green Group Collective’s products are easy on our planet, and their packaging is designed to get your goods to you in perfect condition. All packaging is made here in New Zealand, and is 100% recyclable, using non-toxic colours and inks. Also, instead of glossy brochures that end up in landfill, and to keep things simple, their instructions on the pack. Similarly, courier bags are home compostable PBAT and PLA made from plants such as corn and wheat. Their recyclable courier boxes are printed with non-toxic dye.

Each Pumpd silicone breast pump is made in Hamilton, in a world-class facility which is ISO 2001:2015 certified and globally accredited, plus holding certificate NZ12/76684, which means they have the goods to pass an incredibly rigorous audit each year, and are re-certified every three years. 

Green Group Collective are proud to say that Pumpd by New Edition NZ is the only portable breast pump that’s 100% designed and made in New Zealand. The spotlessly clean, high-tech machines that make their products are hand-operated by trained technicians, who conduct quality checks every two hours. Lastly, before a product is packed, it gets a final quality control audit. As they say, “Basically, if products went to school, these ones are getting a PhD.”

Green Group’s aim is to ensure their products are committed to creating jobs and contributing to New Zealand’s economy, so for more information on Pumpd breast pumps please go to .