Oh La La, it's Balayage! From Vivo Hair & Beauty

Friday 29 November 2019, 3:31PM
By Beckie Wright

We love the French for their seemingly effortless style - a silk scarf, a classic pearl earring or a subtle cat flick eyeliner to add a little ‘je ne sa quoi to a look’! When it comes to our tresses, ‘balayage’, the French word meaning ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’ colour onto hair has fast become the favoured way to get that uncomplicated ‘oh la la’ factor. Vivo’s Balayage Package is incredibly popular for those wanting a low maintenance yet high impact change. So, what is balayage, and why is it so ‘magnifique’?

Suitable for all hair cuts and colours, the roots are kept soft and barely receive any highlight colour. That’s right, this also means low maintenance colour as you’ll see no demarcation line with regrowth, perfect for when you want to extend the time between salon visits. As it’s worked down each carefully selection section, your Vivo stylist will paint the hair with more saturation of colour, meaning the ends are brightest. This produces a gentle gradation of colour that goes from dark to light, like those naturally sun-kissed strands after a summer spent at the beach. 

Balayage is a technique that gives your Vivo colourist the ability to highlight your haircut and your best features with the most freedom. They may suggest adding face-framing highlights, or painting single curls and leave others natural. Balayage can also give thinner hair a little extra dimension and the illusion of volume. And of course, Balayage Vivo’s favourite way of elevating a hair colour - adding red or golden highlights to brunettes, rich browns to bring dimension to black hair, or creating that classic beachy blonde with your favourite sandy hues. If you have a few gray hairs coming in, your Vivo colourist can even target those and give them a little camouflage.

Balayage has been so popular throughout New Zealand that Vivo has custom-designed an entire training program to teach its stylists how to be experts in the technique. Want your hair as chic as a Parisian? Check out Vivo’s Balayage Packages online now, and for more information on rosacea treatment, microdermabrasion NZ, wrinkle treatment and hair colour NZ please go to  .