Expert Engineering Guidance and Component Production Offers Great Results

Tuesday 3 December 2019, 2:28PM
By Media Giant


Designing, prototyping, and putting together a fantastic mechanical end product is made much easier with quality parts. An expert supplier that can offer suggestions to improve efficiency is also hugely helpful for those bringing great products to market, as several of Metco Engineering’s clients have found.


Omeo, a company that produces personal transporters similar to segways which allow the user to travel in a seated position, testified that Metco Engineering’s suggestions improved the precision, simplicity, and affordability of their build process. They also produce high-quality components for Omeo on their top-of-the-line equipment. Another client that manufactures conveyor distribution systems, Dyno, came to Metco wanting to increase the efficiency of some of their conveyors, a task they felt couldn’t be achieved in-house. The knowledge and experience that Metco brought to the table simplified their assembly, and the Dyno team was impressed by the company’s attention to detail and commitment to finding scalable, strong, and cost-effective innovative solutions.


A good engineering company can offer not only basic design and good components but guidance and advice throughout the whole process. When you have to take work out of house, having a company that you can trust with the quality of your product is crucial. Metco Engineering’s services have helped Omeo, Dyno, and more organisations to raise the bar in their manufacturing—proving that sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts.

To discuss what Metco could do for your product you can get in touch via their online contact form, by email at, or on their Auckland (09 217 3000) and Wellington (04 567 3222) phone numbers.