McCraes Blinds & Screens Supply MagicSeal's Pleated Flyscreen Doors

Tuesday 3 December 2019, 6:40PM
By Beckie Wright

Fly screens on windows and flyscreen doors have now become an essential part of most New Zealand homes, as a simple yet effective way to deal with the combination of insects and hot weather. Modern window flyscreens work on the same effective principle as old style screens, but their advanced design and materials mean they last longer. Modern security doors have replaced older flyscreen doors, providing long lasting security for modern homes.

Keeping out insects was the whole reason these screens were first designed, protecting your home from flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes as well as ants and spiders. MagicSeal’s pleated flyscreen doors are a major deterrent to these small intruders, yet still allow air circulation in hot weather.

As an aesthetic advantage these pleated doors tend to create a sense of space, like windows and mirrors do, to help a room and house feel open and more spacious. Also, you don’t lose the view, and the mesh on these doors provides privacy and screening.

MagicSeal offer a huge range of quality pleated flyscreen doors, which are almost invisible when placed on your window, as the charcoal mesh absorbs the light energy and minimizes the light reflection and glare, which means your view isn’t restricted.

Because they allow air to circulate, the pleated flyscreen doors will keep your house cooler without having to resort to air conditioning, at least in some weather situations. They will also block some direct sunlight that might otherwise contribute to heating up the house. 

Finally, they have absolutely no environmental impact – you don’t have to use chemical to get rid of insects, as the screen is a barrier that prevents them from getting in.

MagicSeal are the leading provider of magnetic insect screening and retrofit double glazing solutions for windows and doors, so for more information on insect screens Christchurch, and retrofit double glazing Christchurch please go to .