The Story of PC Rentals

Tuesday 3 December 2019, 6:43PM
By Beckie Wright

As Gaylene tells it, “It was 1991 when I first brought shares into PC Rentals Limited and 2005 when I brought the remaining shares, making me sole owner, it seems a lifetime ago.

“What did I know about computers, laptops, printers and monitors nothing at all (still don’t know a lot now) the difference being is now I can understand the conversation I hear around the warehouse about IT equipment. My son Darryl and I have worked together since 1997. Darryl is on the rental side of the business and I the administration and our positions don’t cross over so it is easy.

“We discuss business what is happening in any given week or in the future and being in administration I know what is ahead and plan for it. Staff help make a business; it doesn’t matter what business it is and I have a great team working in PC Rentals, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

“Different months of the year are busier than others and the staff work long hours also a lot of weekends, early mornings and late nights also stressful, in Auckland they just turn the music up a bit louder and keep going.

“The way business was done six years ago (why I say that is because it was the last time I wrote my profile) is not done the same today it is faster more demanding and technology has certainly changed. Are the changes for the better? Yes, for me I am not confined to my office chair, I can take my work with me where ever I go and it gives me freedom I am always contactable for clients and they are who we are in business for.

“So how do I relax, read, watch TV, go shopping I might not buy anything I do find it relaxing wandering around shopping. And being a Christian I go to church on Sunday.”

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