Health&Sports Fitness Personal Trainers Committed To Your Long-Term Success

Monday 9 December 2019, 3:16PM
By Beckie Wright

Kingsland’s premier gym Health&Sports Fitness has experienced personal trainers who help people manage their physical fitness, exercise and nutrition. With a strong background and knowledge in strength training and fitness, these personal trainers are certified and vetted. They can create personalised workout plans, show clients what to do, and support them every step, stretch and rep of the way.

Health&Sports fitness club is a complete one-stop shop for all fitness needs. They have the latest in technology with new equipment from Technogym. Their group fitness classes can inspire the mind and shape the body through workouts with expert trainers and instructors. The classes range from cardio and dance workouts to ultimate resistance training workouts, postural alignment, core strengthening and more. Health&Sports facilities include a spacious gym floor, cardio area, over 50 classes each week, a 25m heated pool, sauna, childminding and more.

Health&Sports fitness club has possibly the best personal trainers the city has to offer. Their personable one-on-one training can ensure their clients stay on target. They even provide useful information regarding food choices. Personal training takes exercising to another level as it is customised to the client. They can hold their clients accountable and introduce them to machines ensuring they are used correctly.

Health & Sports personal trainers are encouraging, fun to work with and always introduce new ways of working out a particular part of the body. They don’t get their clients to push their limits immediately so that the body becomes sore. It is a gradual build and all about doing it right. It is also about leaving clients with a feeling of accomplishment.

Workout sessions with the personal trainers help clients learn and study their body, movements and limitations, which in turn helps them understand their body better and inspire them to want to do better. They can set up goals, baseline, and expectation while making the workout fun, effective and challenging.

The personal trainers at Health&Sports Fitness are experienced and knowledgeable. The specialities include injury rehab, pre/postnatal care, reducing back and shoulder pain, sports specific training, postural alignment, weight management, muscle gain, core and aerobic conditioning and more. In fact, one of the personal trainer’s Neil has undergone his own weight loss journey and is now 50kgs lighter.  

The club’s facilities are very popular. “Making that first step towards exercise is such a mission, no matter how convinced you are of the benefits. And taking out a gym membership is an even bigger step, particularly when you haven't done it for a while. Which is why Health&Sports Fitness Club is my preferred club - they take the fear out of taking the plunge. They achieve this in a number of ways: great staff, including very understanding personal trainers; great and easy to use facilities; and a club layout that helps you focus on your personal workout, and not worry about whether you're being checked out. And having taken that initial plunge, going back regularly has been a pleasure, not a chore, and on the days when I just can't face doing a full work-out, I'll head for the pool and do laps. Perfect,” says member David Williams.

Health & Sports offer a free three-day pass for clients who would like try their classes like yoga, pilates or one of their high intensity Incinerate classes. They can even swim in their 25m heated indoor pool or try one of their aqua aerobics swimming classes.

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