Understanding the Developmental Potential of a Site with Bulk & Location Study

Thursday 19 December 2019, 12:43PM
By Beckie Wright

For architects in Auckland, designing and building a structure is more than what meets the eye. The actual work starts with careful and effective planning and surveying of sites. Bulk & Location studies are vital for understanding the potential of one’s site while planning the house design. The purpose of a bulk and location study is to assess what can be achieved on-site. This can be useful for developers and investors to gain knowledge on the potential usage of land and how many rental properties can feasibly fit on site.

Gubb Design has experienced first-hand, the call of investors and developers to ask for their professional services when it comes to conducting Bulk and Location Studies.

Gubb Design has just finished construction on three terraced houses in Mt Roskill, where an owner next door has asked for the same service done on his property. Another owner on the other side of the subject site, has also inquired within the last week. The Gubb Design team says, “There is certainly some hunger in the industry to make the land work better for these investors to gain better yields of the sites they own.”

It proves that there is a growing demand for this type of study so property investors can know how they can maximise the use of their land.

Gubb Design offers Bulk & Location studies wherein they are able to design an initial space that works with the Unitary Plan to indicate the site might work. The company takes into consideration a number of important factors such as terraced dwellings, car parking, approximate floor layout, and can indicate how pedestrian access might work as well as general vehicle maneuvering. The company also works within the site and determines how compliant a building might be at the earliest stage to sit down with the Council’s planners for a pre-application meeting.

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