Transform Educational Enviornments with Luijten Landscaping

Thursday 26 December 2019, 8:00PM
By Beckie Wright

Luijten Landscaping has recently completed a project at Sancta Maria College. The company has finished the amphitheatre which included pathways and planting.  The Luijten Landscaping team are professionals at creating and building innovative and inspiring outdoor environments.

The creative design team recognise that inspiring outdoor landscapes are crucial for the development of young and old minds alike. They are committed to creating landscapes that offer unique and enriching sensory experiences that inspire both students and educators and have worked on a few school projects like Pinehill School, Wiri Central School and Manurewa West Primary School.

Luijten Landscaping has completed an amphitheatre at Manurewa Intermediate in the past. It was one of the first schools to identify that inspiring outdoor areas would benefit students and staff alike. The dreary school grounds were transformed into herb and vegetable gardens, outdoor BBQ areas, an amphitheater, interesting wooden walkways, and an orchard was added as well. Under a beautiful old oak tree, a big deck was built to enable the students to have lunch and break times in the shade. A sheltered outdoor area with seating and BBQ was built for the staff. A fale and marae were built on the school grounds to represent the multicultural background of students and teachers. The school is an example of how outdoor spaces transform the look and feel of an educational environment.

At the Royal Oak Intermediate School Luijten Landscaping worked on the entrance area, path up to the office, and an area between two buildings for outdoor classrooms.  At Pinehill School the team transformed the entrance area with old railway sleepers and lighting so that the space could be enjoyed through the year and at any time of the day.

At Wiri Central School the team transformed the dull, grassed entry and parking area to a tropical theme with palm trees, rocks and lots of flowering shrubs. The beautifully created kwila round deck with the seating around it and silk tree in the middle is a very welcome addition to the entrance area. The look and feel of Wiri Central School has been greatly enhanced by the first few gardens

Luijten Landscaping can be relied upon to deliver budget-friendly results and specialise in educational environments like kindergartens, primary schools, intermediate and high schools, colleges and school campuses.

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