Choose the Right Box for Your Product with Custombox

Tuesday 31 December 2019, 11:30PM
By Beckie Wright

Custombox, a division of Packaging Products, can help if businesses require a few boxes to finish a large order urgently or need a special run of boxes for a 'one-off' order. They can also supply a single box to meet a special requirement and cater to exact quantity of boxes to package products already produced. They specialise in small run, quick turnaround production of corrugated boxes and sheet board.

Boxes from Custombox are high quality and cater to many different products. In order to choose the ideal size the weight, product fragility, handling, delivery, packaging and labelling need to be considered. The dedicated staff at Cutombox can help decide the perfect box and are available on the phone or through their website.

There are five box styles available at Custombox. These include the regular slotted cases, fuly overlapping flap regular slotted cases, half slotted cases, box and lid cases and 5 panel folded cases. The company also has a large range of premade, ready to go boxes of all shapes and sizes. Businesses can check the dimensions on Custombox’s online store.

Custombox has an online box design and quote form that can help decide on the perfect solution. They specialise in economical, quick turnaround and short run box making. Businesses can decide on the quantity and design their box and get a quote online instantly. Custombox can also print on the boxes and add on dividers and layer pads. If further protective packaging is required they can also arrange that.

Custombox also makes Eco Pallets that are economically efficient and sustainable. With the need to reduce the carbon footprint of our exports and manage costs the doubleEco corrugated cardboard pallet will deliver on all counts while safely transporting exports.

The doubleEco pallets are made from multiple layers of corrugated board glue laminated together. They can be customised to suit specific load requirements. The top and bottom decks are separated by nine bonded pillars, also of corrugated cardboard, designed to allow four way entry by forklifts and jiffy trolleys.

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