Peter Swan Limited Offers Specialist Design Services for Food Distribution Centres

Wednesday 8 January 2020, 12:36PM
By Beckie Wright

Engineering and design company Peter Swan Limited is continuing to expand on one of its core business sectors – food distribution centres. The company has extensive experience in the design and construction of commercial buildings, as well as specialist experience in optimising cold store and industrial building steelworks.

For food distribution centres the company designs innovative and efficient racking layouts that are critical to an efficient floor plan layout. Peter Swan Limited assist companies that want to develop commercial food products.. Their projects contain world class equipment that incorporates the latest technology to deliver structures that are built to the highest standard of hygiene. The company has in depth knowledge of food and hygiene regulations.

Peter Swan Limited specialise in the design and delivery of projects for the food industry. In the past they have expanded the network of temperature controlled distribution centres for Bidvest throughout New Zealand in cities that include Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Rotorua, Palmerston North, Queenstown and Tauranga. They completed the Wiri Feed Mill for Viterra New Zealand Ltd. The facility incorporates a ruminant feed mill, bulk grain storage and handling facilities.

The company’s knowledge base allows it to compete on an international level for design work within the food industry. They have done significant work overseas in countries like Malaysia, Australia, American Samoa, PNG, Russia and Saudi Arabia. These include an aquaculture project in Singapore, tuna plants in PNG, Fiji and American Samoa and cold stores in Malaysia. As a specialist in the food industry it employs a team of highly skilled architects, engineers and project managers. The team specialise in cold storage, food processing factories, breweries, meat and poultry industry projects. They can work on retail, processing, chilling, cold storage and material handling projects. They can also deliver a variety of commercial projects including multiunit residential buildings

For more information, Peter Swan Limited can be contacted on 09 373 5880 or visit