Midas NZ Offering Helpful Aircon Checks and Recharges as Summer Heat Draws Near

Tuesday 14 January 2020, 12:32PM
By Beckie Wright

As summer draws near and temperatures throughout New Zealand continue to rise, Midas NZ is reminding Kiwi motorists to check their air conditioners and keep their automotive interiors cool and comfortable to ring in the new year. Midas NZ offers leading aircon repairs and inspections as part of their lager automotive servicing range.

Air conditioning units are complicated systems on any car, requiring extensive knowledge and the right tools to keep them in working condition. A failing aircon in a car could be the result of a faulty aircon compressor or accumulator, or a freon leak somewhere in the AC lines, evaporator, or condenser.

An automotive aircon system may additionally suffer from bacteria build-up in the evaporator, causing the aircon to blow foul-smelling air into the cabin. Larger problems could affect a car’s entire ventilation system, such as a blower motor failure or exhausted cabin air filter, both of which may reveal symptoms when the heater is running as well.

These issues are best addressed by the aircon experts and professionals at Midas NZ. For those whose aircons seem to be working normally, an annual inspection of the aircon system is recommended to ensure it doesn’t fail at an inopportune time.

With over two dozen locations throughout New Zealand, Midas NZ is well-positioned to deliver quality, friendly service and keep Kiwi motorists cool and comfortable. One of the most trusted names in automotive repair New Zealand has to offer, Midas NZ is ready to help anyone chill for the summer.

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