Pick the Right Capsule - Nuna PIPA Lite LX Keeps the Baby Snug and Safe

Tuesday 14 January 2020, 12:59PM
By Beckie Wright

Baby store Dimples understands that a new little one brings a whole new meaning to life. And as parents we want to give them the very best in terms of quality and safety.  When parents are moving the baby in and out of the car frequently, they don’t want to be struggling with straps or disturbing sleep and Dimples offers a range of capsules that are top of the range.

Ultra-lightweight and made with premium Merino wool blend fabric, Nuna PIPA Lite LX is a sleek, highly portable car seat to keep the baby snug and safe. The Nuna PIPA Lite LX and Base is one of the most convenient capsules that clicks easily into its base.

Parents can take the sleeping baby inside undisturbed, or can snap the capsule into the stroller for a walk in the park. It also includes side impact security and comfort, a rear-facing configuration, ISOFIX or seatbelt installation, convenient click-and-go system, an extendable dream drape with mesh ventilation and mesh viewing window.

Dimples believe a capsule is essential for a baby from newborn up to a year old or 13kgs. Capsules facing towards the rear is a safer riding position for a tiny person. Another benefit of a capsule is its portability. The capsule can be lifted out from the car easily to be transported inside or to be connected onto a stroller to avoid waking your sleeping baby.

It is important to understand how the baby is positioned and find a capsule that offers comfort and support. The optimal position is where the baby’s spine is relatively flat. The capsule can be used on a base which is fixed into the car to ensure that the baby capsule is secured in the car correctly every time.

The PIPA Lite LX uses a new type of proprietary, lightweight foam called Aeroflex, a flexible EPP foam that compresses to absorb and diffuse energy away from the baby. While most car seats consist of the non-flexible foam inside a thick plastic shell, the thin plastic walls of the PIPA Lite LX have been fused with foam to create a one-of-a-kind seat that's light yet strong.  PIPA lite lx’s feather weight design makes it easy to do just that naturally—with its Merino wool and TENCEL™* lyocell fiber blend, and no added fire-retardant chemicals. The capsule is seriously strong and simple install, and a supremely secure design.

Dimples store is located at 25 Kent Street, Newmarket. Parents can check out a range of baby gear that includes nursery furniture, mattresses and hardware, prams/strollers, car seats, high chairs, leaf seats and travel cots

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