Get Into Shape in 2020 With The Wardrobe Company

Wednesday 15 January 2020, 1:31PM
By Beckie Wright

Many of us like to kick off a new year with a list of worthy resolutions we fully intend to achieve and for most of us the enthusiasm soon wanes in the face of the challenge.

The Wardrobe Company ( is here to help you achieve one of those most popular goals – getting into shape ….. your house that is!

‘Back in the day’ it was considered virtuous for one’s home to reflect that old adage “a place for everything, and everything in its place”. We still love it if we have somewhere to put all the stuff we accumulate and can then access it readily.

That’s not easy if your storage spaces are generic, standard sizes and shapes but at The Wardrobe Company they know that one size definitely does not fit all so they design and install bespoke storage solutions to accommodate whatever items their clients need a space for.

Typically, it’s those irregularly used things like suitcases, sports equipment, chilly bins, and (a current seasonal one) the Christmas tree and decorations which need to be stored safely and to be readily accessible when required.

Most ‘standard’ cupboards do not lend themselves to accommodating such items which are typically bulky, oddly shaped, and often fragile so a specific storage solution is needed.

This where The Wardrobe Company comes to the fore – they have close to 30 years experience designing, manufacturing, and installing individual solutions for storing the big and the small, the short and the tall.

So whether it’s wardrobes, a home office, a laundry, or garage storage the skilled and friendly team at The Wardrobe Company will work with you to create the right space for you to store your valued possessions.

Getting your home in shape in 2020 is easy – firstly, see what’s possible by checking out  visit their comprehensive showroom display conveniently situated at 16c Woodson Place, Wairau Valley, North Shore, or call 0800 CLOSET to arrange a no-obligation consultation at your place or theirs, and to find out more about wardrobes NZ, wardrobe organisers Auckland and sliding doors Auckland please go to .