Heatmax NZ Rental Plan The Solution For Restaurants & Cafes

Wednesday 15 January 2020, 5:29PM
By Beckie Wright

If you are looking to conserve funds within your business, then the fully tax deductible Heatmax rental plan may be the solution. Heatmax radiant gas patio heaters and café screens are available for monthly rent, long or short term. Heatmax NZ also offers overnight rental of the portable gas patio heaters. Renting is also an ideal solution if you are considering buying a Heatmax radiant gas heater, but would like to assess the performance first.

The Heatmax radiant gas patio heater is easy to light and has a highly efficient infra-red gas burner which heats objects and not empty spaces. It is uneconomical when outdoors to attempt to heat large volumes of air as conventional patio heaters do. The air simply blows away. It is cleanburning and can be used indoors and under cover because the gas burns on a ceramic plate, with surplus gas burning a second time, so there are no harmful emissions.

Similarly, the Heatmax Streetscape Portable Café Screen will halt the wind’s chill as no amount of heating can. You can increase your business exposure, while protecting your patrons from street noise and chilly winds. Heatmax café screens add ambience, definition and discreet comfort to outdoor dining areas.

Its sturdy locking wheels allow the screen to be moved easily and locked into place, and the polycarbonate shatterproof panel is mounted in a stainless steel frame. An attractive planter box adds style and additional stability. You can also embellish the panel or the base with your brand or company logo, and Heatmax suggest you combine with the Heatmax all stainless steel portable gas heater for a total solution to outdoor comfort.

Your rental program will give you 40 hours of burn time from a 9kg gas bottle, so there is no danger of running out of gas part way through a function, and the cleanburning heater can be used under cover with no harmful emmissions, and there are no dangerous or unsightly cords.

Heatmax NZ works closely with Mata Gas, who are able to offer a highly efficient regular gas bottle swap at the cheapest prices available, so there is no need to be at the mercy of gas companies offering high consumption rental heaters, and for more information on outdoor heaters, outdoor gas heaters and outdoor heating systems please go to .