Agent Finder NZ Dedicated to Protecting Home Sellers

Friday 17 January 2020, 8:28PM
By Beckie Wright

Agent Finder NZ are well known for their dedication to protecting home sellers, all at no cost and most especially when under pressure to sell quickly, so to protect yourself with comprehensive advice and resources, be sure to avail yourself of the services of Agent Finder NZ.

The choice of real estate agent is often 'the biggest regret' when you are selling your house, as you're literally handing the value of your asset over to a real estate agent to manage on your behalf, so helping you manage risk, quickly, is what Agent Finders NZ do.

In view of this, engaging a real estate agent who you feel comfortable with and confident in selling your property is paramount. Agent Finders NZ have been vetting real estate agents for ten years, using over 20 indicators across five categories to establish a shortlist, tailored for you. This means you can compare the best real estate agents without pressure, choosing the one who you believe will get optimum results, and using their Agent Finder Questionnaire can really empower you when interviewing agents.

In 2009, Agent Finder NZ revolutionised the real estate agent finding process for home sellers by creating a stringent vetting criteria, enabling them to quickly establish the competency levels of licensed real estate agents in your location.

Agent Finder has raised the industry standard of services to home sellers which goes above and beyond agents simply holding a real estate licence.

As L. McKenzie wrote, "Thank you for having such a fantastic site. It was so good to get advice and your help. We feel sure we were able to give the process due diligence knowing we were working with good agents who met your criteria."

Many people tell them, 'I wish I'd found your service last time I sold a house', so to find out more about property appraisers and real estate valuations please go to .