Just Water's Healty Water Delivered to Your Door

Friday 17 January 2020, 8:56PM

By Beckie Wright


“Healthy water; heathy life” is the mantra at Just Water, and for over three decades Just Water has maintained a goal of reducing tooth decay and Type 2 diabetes, by providing sugar-free beverages in both the workplace and home.

This is borne out by the testimonies of their customers, like Virginia Duncan, Procurement Category Administrator, Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd who says, “We chose Just Water for two reasons: Firstly their ability to provide us with nation-wide service, and secondly, their DrinkSafe® programme which provides us with a consistent standard across all sites.”

And Matt Wylie, CEO & Founder, Customer Radar endorses as follows."When looking across the million+ feedback responses we've received to date, you would be one of our TOP performing brands for consistently providing a top-notch customer experience."

Just Water’s range of crisp refreshing bottled water is delivered right to your door, making it an easy way to care for your customers and keep your staff hydrated and productive. This means you receive high quality, great tasting, healthy water delivered to your business like clockwork on a weekday that suits you best. 

Just Water’s delivery service is ideal if your water source is not up to standard, as the cooler can be relocated around your site as necessary. Coolers are available in white, black or platinum, and you can choose from two great-tasting water options, the first being Aquafresh, which is a high quality, purified filtered water. Bottled under rigorous conditions, Aquafresh is meticulously double filtered to the highest international standards.

There are huge benefits to buying water from Just Water as their DrinkSafe International programme provides proactive maintenance, comprehensive sanitation of the water cooler and filtration equipment, and independent and random water testing is conducted by a Telarc approved laboratory. Random DSI surveys are conducted to ensure they meet customer’s expectations; just one more reason to have Just Water install your water coolers and bottled water, so for more information on water coolers NZ and water filters please go to .