Heaven Contracting Say Summer is When Trees Come Under Greater Stress

Wednesday 22 January 2020, 1:22PM
By Beckie Wright

A long, hot summer can prove fatal to some trees, putting them under enormous pressure, and once a tree is stressed, it is much more susceptible to being attacked by fungus and insects. Like most living things, trees are incredibly good at healing themselves, but there are several reasons why a tree might not be healthy and you may be surprised to learn that the main cause is stress. Heaven Contracting have found that if a tree has suffered from storm damage or extreme weather conditions, such as drought, stress is inevitable.

Another one of the reasons a tree can become diseased or dies can be due to incorrect cutting. Trees need to be cut or pruned in the right place so they can naturally heal themselves. Correct pruning also ensures the weight distribution is even – if it’s not, it can become dangerous and fall. Likewise, if you have a dead branch, removing it carefully and considering the overall balance of the tree is essential.

You can usually tell if a tree is healthy by its canopy. A dense canopy, where the leaves and needles are heavy and you can’t see the sky through it is generally a sign of a healthy tree.

Leaf colour is also a tell-tale sign, with yellow, browning or light coloured leaves, when they should be deeper green, being a sign that nutrients are lacking. Also, if you have a branch which is barren, this will usually mean the correlating root is dead.

If a tree is healthy, it is less likely to become dangerous so if you are worried about the health of a tree or are concerned about the safety of yourself or your property, Heaven Contracting’s highly skilled team can assess the risks and provide you with recommendations and price options.

Heaven Contracting advise that Auckland Council has detailed information on plant diseases common in Auckland, and for more information on tree pruning and arborists North Shore please go to .