Join a Digital Community Without Barriers with Qoin

Wednesday 29 January 2020, 1:12PM
By Beckie Wright

Qoin is one of the latest digital currency payment alternative that provides a new sales channel for businesses through a new customer base. It gives businesses the ability to move idle or excess stock to fill downtime. The flexible digital currency can offset cash expenses or bank for potential future growth.

For consumers Qoin can be used for everyday goods and services with thousands of participating merchants around Australia. Including New Zealand, it will soon add 4,000 merchants to the opportunity pool. Qoin can be used to buy products and vouchers via a future online Marketplace. Consumers can grow Qoin by selling excess items like bicycles, cars, caravans, boats, jet skis, and household items.

The digital currency is based on smart coin technology and allows for seamless transactions between buyers and sellers, QR code wallet to wallet transfer for F2F transactions or automatic verified purchases online both in real-time, all at your fingertips. Buyers, in their wallets have access to their Q Directory of participating merchants and their future Q Shop for instant online purchases using their Qoin.

For businesses Qoin can help generate more customers, reduce business costs, reward customers and build brand loyalty. It can improve lifestyle and build personal wealth. It allows for fee free merchant trading. Business owners who would like to enjoy financial freedom should look at engaging in Qoin.

An increasing number of people prefer to spend within their communities to support their local business. With ever emerging technology, advantage is given to larger corporations who have the budgets and infrastructure to continually enhance their business propositions. The average SME has available capacity in their business of around 30-35%. This “lost opportunity” can be caused by a lack of marketing budget to attract new customers. The rise of the digital currency world offers unique opportunities to potentially solve some of these challenges. 

Qoin has been designed to push boundaries to allow small business easier access to customers. The makers of this currency believe small business owners should control their own destiny. The digital currency has been pushing boundaries with smarter more secure technology and user friendly wallets. 

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