Customise Your Timber Garden Shed with Duratuf

Thursday 30 January 2020, 5:30PM
By Beckie Wright

Homeowners that need a sturdy place to fit their gardening equipment will find timber sheds from Duratuf a perfect choice. Duratuf’s timber garden sheds are built for New Zealand's conditions. The full-timber frame offers the strength and rigidity to handle almost anything.  

Branded as Kiwi and Fortress, these sheds are uncompromisingly tough and incredibly great looking. Kiwi gable sheds have roof sheets that are press-bent in the middle to eliminate the centre joint. This ingenious design means that the roof sheet spans from one side of the shed to the other without any joins at the gable. This gives the Kiwi shed added strength and rigidity as well as being exceptionally weatherproof.

Duratuf offers their clients the flexibility to design the sheds to suit their specific needs with the 3D Shed Builder which can be accessed on their website. These sheds can be extensively adapted, upgraded and accessorised.  Clients can simply log in to the Duratuf 3D design program on the phone, tablet or computer and design their dream shed in four easy steps. Shift the door, add windows, change the colour or add a workbench, Duratuf  offers many opportunities for customisation.

Kiwi and Fortress full timber framed sheds are available in a wide range of colours, including the opportunity to mix and match the wall and trim colours. There is a range of colour options that can be seen through the website. 

Duratuf's waterproofing pedigree is legendary. The 'No Leaks' roof system is unique to Duratuf, and the timber frame means no flashings at the bottom of the wall that might trap water and cause corrosion.

The innovative 'Press-Bent' gable roof design is a brilliant design that is unique to Duratuf garden sheds. With less joints there are the less chances for water leaks.  The special Duratuf gutters let the water flow off the roof. The gutter then directs the water away from the door area.

The steel cladding of the Duratuf full timber framed sheds have 0.4mm thick hi-tensile anti-rust steel. That's up to 60% thicker than many other sheds in the market, making them stronger and looking better for longer.

Lighting and ventilation can be important if you are spending time in the shed. Natural light from clear roof panels or windows are the perfect option.  For both ventilation and light, clients can choose a louvre window. The sheds come complete with an aluminium louvre mechanism and the glass panes to fit. Unlike other shed windows, the Duratuf window kit includes extra framing for the inside to make it rigid and secure.

They also have the option of fixed windows that can get natural daylight into the garden shed. The window can be placed closest to where the most light is required. The fixed window set comes with the glass window pane and extra timber framing.

Duratuf has the option of a clear roof panel that provides uninterrupted UV free daylight perfect for a workshop situation. For gable roof sheds, clients can choose from single side or double side options.  Solar panels are also available that perfectly complement the shed. The solar panel mounts easily on the roof facing the sun and the 10 LED lights have a magnetic back to adhere to the steel cladding.  

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