Dave Clark Design's Simplistic Design Approach for ANZ Proves Successful for Employee Engagement

Wednesday 5 February 2020, 4:35PM
By Beckie Wright

Design and Digital agency, Dave Clark Design, announced a successful project completion with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ).

The creative agency took responsibility for transforming ANZ’s “New Way of Working”, applying a new approach as they completed various deliverables to internally communicate a new system. Dave Clark Design Associates worked towards a new design system requiring buy-in from 50,000 employees to get results. 

The campaign entailed delivering ANZ print and video materials, email, digital design, and event displays with an aim to simplify management structures, empower employees, and improve overall customer experience.

Through understanding how ANZ works, Dave Clark Design Associates were able to produce simple yet visually disruptive designs and utilise simple language that emphasizes real messages. ANZ CEO Shayne Elliot’s down-to-earth leadership style inspired DCD’s approach to change the way they communicate. In order to abolish the disconnect of an employer to an employee, the concept was to simplify ANZ’s assets. DCD made use of a marker pen-style font that represents “less bureaucracy, more empowerment.”

The launch of the ANZ Way produced a positive outcome. The ANZ HR team reported a 20% increase in staff confidence and levels of engagement have improved. ANZ favoured the new design approach so much that it was adopted into all future internal communication projects.

DCD’s completed project only proves that design indeed has the power to transform and change workplace cultures and promote open, two-way communication between companies and their employees. Through thoughtful and intentional work, one can create genuine ways to improve brand experiences. Dave Clark’s commitment towards innovative design demonstrated that.

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