Compact One-Bedroom Home by Greenhaven Now on the Market

Tuesday 11 February 2020, 1:24PM
By Media Giant

Greenhaven Homes’ range of carefully-designed modular, energy-efficient, and transportable homes has officially expanded—positive news for the New Zealand housing market which is in need of more affordable options. The Whare Iti is the latest design on the market, a small but attractive and functional home that opens up possibilities for single people, couples, and small families or households. Now available to view as a show home at Greenhaven’s location near Levin, this small but stylish house is a fantastic product to house Kiwis in need of quality compact homes. 


The Whare Iti can be used as a primary dwelling or a secondary dwelling on a larger property, providing spaces for extended families and groups to live in community. It is prefabricated in the Greenhaven factory to exacting standards and designed carefully to be energy-efficient due to materials used and other elements. Prefabrication adds consistency and predictability to the build process, keeping costs down and saving time. Once transported to—and erected on—the chosen site, the Whare Iti will provide a one-bedroom home that is warm, dry, bright, and affordable to run. They can even be customised to become entirely off-the-grid, which may appeal to eco-conscious home buyers.

If the Whare Iti is the innovative housing solution you’ve been looking for, get in touch with the Greenhaven team to discuss the build process. Book a personal consultation with the company director online, call on 0800 777 175, or visit the showhome at 2-4 Waikawa Beach Road, Manakau 5573.