Flooring Specialists and Interior Designers Work Together For Fantastic Spaces

Thursday 13 February 2020, 10:24AM
By Media Giant

There are two very important aspects of creating rooms and spaces in a home or office that are both attractive and practical: quality materials, and quality design. Combining these two elements is key to top-notch interiors of all kinds. Calbeni Flooring, located in Lower Hutt, has a solution that will provide home and property owners in the Wellington region with easy access to both aspects, making it simple to bring their interior design dreams to life.


Calbeni offers an array of quality flooring materials and services. They are the experts in carpet, garage carpet, and vinyl flooring—sourcing, measuring, and installing the very best products for floors that last and look great. Customers can also take advantage of the professional relationships that the Calbeni team has with top designers from the Wellington area to put together a space that’s beautiful and practical. From colours to furniture to choices of material for any other surfaces and soft furnishings, an interior designer can provide advice that will make any room, home, or commercial space inviting. 


The Calbeni team has worked with plenty of designers and can help customers to get in touch with one that will be able to help and advise them according to their specific needs. Getting the flooring right is just one aspect of a fantastic space, so head along to the Calbeni showroom in Lower Hutt to get both expert flooring advice and services and also access to expert interior designers that the team trusts and have worked with many times over the years. Contact Calbeni for a free quote and to discuss your vision for flooring and other aspects of your home or commercial space.