Tony Allen Auto Service Recommends Keeping Car Tyres In-Check to Improve Efficiency

Thursday 13 February 2020, 1:36PM
By Yonatan Webb


How long does a tank of gas last? Well, according to Manukau based vehicle technicians Tony Allen Auto Service, this all depends on how well-kept your tyres are. Tyre maintenance has a large impact on car performance and will vastly affect how a car runs. In fact, by simply maintaining inflated tyres to the right pressure you will be able to keep petrol costs down and improve how long your car runs on a single tank. 


While it may seem obvious, tyres are a part of a car that are too regularly neglected by motorists. It’s not always easy for drivers to tell when they’re cars aren’t functioning as they should but low tyre pressure increases resistance between the car and the road it’s running on. This makes a difference to the energy required to operate the engine and the fuel consumed.


Driving with bald or deflated tyres is not only bad for petrol consumption but also immensely unsafe for drivers and others on the road. This is due to the way it may impact braking speed and the driver’s control of the vehicle’s steering. Driving with tyres that aren’t properly cared for can result in delayed response times and consequent collisions. 


Tony Allen Auto Service encourages all drivers to get their tyres checked regularly to promote efficiency and ensure safety while out on the roads. Their car service south auckland shop, located in Papatoetoe, provides expert tyre advice, services, and products at an affordable cost. With a well-equipped team of experts, you’re in the best hands with their care. Get in touch with them today via their website: for more information.