Active Security are Auckland Business Owner's Preferred Choice for Static Guards

Thursday 13 February 2020, 2:30PM
By Yonatan Webb


When it comes to security services, there’s never any room for error. Ensuring premises are secure requires a keen eye for detail, awareness of a site and the know-how to act accordingly in emergency situations. For this reason, Active Security works exclusively with the best professionals to provide their expert care to Auckland businesses. With a renowned reputation in the region, they’re local’s go-to support system for static guard hire. 


Adhering to the law and regulations, Active Security’s guards are highly-trained, experienced and responsible with their obligations to protocol. Their presence maintains a safe environment that deters the possibility of unpleasant or illegal behaviour. With their care, both property and assets are protected from damage in their presence.


Active Security was conceived with the goal to provide a dedicated and focused approach to professional security services in Auckland. Since then, their commitment to the provision of certified and knowledgeable staff has established them as the first port-of-call for exceptional security. With a disciplined in-house team, their solutions are air-tight, proven and backed by a history of excellence. 


For any business seeking professional security services in the Auckland region, Active Security invites you to speak with them about what they are able to offer. You can find out more information about their expertise on their website: