Improper Document Management May Be Inhibiting Your Employee's Productivity

Friday 14 February 2020, 12:40PM
By Yonatan Webb

According to the 2019 M-Files' Global Intelligent Information Management (IIM) Benchmark Report, 86% of employees struggle to find the information required to do their job. This startling find shines a spotlight on the importance of proper document management and indicates the significance of this process in productivity in the workplace. 

With document storage and accessibility at the core of many businesses, roadblocks that stand in the way of workers' performance should be a primary concern for those running the show. Of all the ways employee productivity can be negatively impacted, tasks caused by avoidable processes are one of the most unnecessary. As an employer or manager, the last thing you want is to be responsible for causing unnecessary tasks to be carried out, but unfortunately, in many businesses, this is an all too common reality – particularly in the case of document management. 

For this reason, DocSmart makes it their mission to connect companies with the best intelligent information software out there. M-Files is a platform that streamlines business processes by making it easier for employees to access documents efficiently and securely. As a globally renowned tool, M-Files allows access to content from multiple data repositories, optimising operations and saving precious time. 

As New Zealand's only M-Files Premier Partner, DocSmart is ready to assist Kiwis in solving their enterprise document management software solutions. Working with some of the largest companies in the country, their solutions are trusted as a highly-effective option. DocSmart invites anyone interested in finding out more about M-Files and its capabilities to get in touch with them through their website: