Good Electrical Suggest Additonal Features For Your Ceiling Fan this Summer

Tuesday 25 February 2020, 8:36PM
By Beckie Wright

Last month we discussed the advocacy of having a ceiling fan as opposed to air conditioning, and Good Electrical have some suggestions on additional features for fans. Ceiling fans can have between two and six blades, but the most common are four. The number of blades has little to do with how much air a ceiling fan can circulate. The motor and the angle of the blades are more important when it comes to the efficiency of a fan.

Fan blades can be made out of timber, metal or plastic. Metal blades are considered to be more effective than timber blades, but they are also louder. Timber blades can be great for kitchens or bathrooms where moisture can rust metal blades. Plastic blades are often as quiet as timber blades and are easy to keep clean.

On today’s fans, remote controls are often included but can sometimes be an optional extra. Remote controls give you the convenience and ease-of-use of wall switches, without requiring professional installation. There are also some smart fans that automatically turn on and off based on temperature and can be controlled by an app installed on a smart device or connected to a smart speaker.

Many ceiling fans come with options for integrated lights. If you want ceiling lighting for a room with a ceiling fan, look for fans with built-in lights, as installing ceiling lights separately can sometimes make the light look like it’s flashing.

As mentioned earlier, fans can help move warm air around a room in winter, but this is only the case for fans with reversible motors. If you experience cold winters and want this handy feature, look for fans that offer reversible rotation.

Remember it’s important to maintain your ceiling fan. If you want your fan to last a long time, you need to care for it and clean it regularly. Dust collected on the top of ceiling fan blades can spread around the room and worsen allergies, asthma and other conditions.

Good Electrical will be happy to help you with choosing a fan, and of course can install it for you, so for more information on garden lights Auckland , electrician North Shore Auckland and data cabling electricians please go to www.aucklandelectrican.co.nz .