Tier4 Offer Three 'Tiers' of IT Support/Services

Tuesday 25 February 2020, 10:30PM
By Beckie Wright

Tier4 offer three different levels of support, and let you decide which services you want in each tier, from the complete assurance of their Total Care package, to their Remote Care and Infrastructure Care offerings, each one can be tailored to suit your exact business needs.

Tier4’s  Total Care package covers all client machines, servers, networks and equipment included in their service and supply agreements. It includes remote support, onsite support, workshop and server maintenance. Imagine, you can now outsource the service and support of your entire IT network for complete peace of mind.

Secondly, their Server Care package covers the monthly maintenance of your servers on a pre-arranged rotation. It is a pro-active plan that ensures your server is running optimally, meaning Tier4 take care of all necessary upgrades and patches, ensuring small problems don’t become big issues.

Their third level of support is their Remote Care package, which covers all remote support requirements for users, and may include server care and any other bundled services your business requires. Tier4 have a full-time remote support desk which is available during business hours and after hours if required.

Tier4 are aware that client service is paramount to your business and operational success, so they are there to improve your client satisfaction levels, by supporting your accountancy, practice management, document management and CRM systems, and by insuring network performance and capacity is continually fit for practice.

They also understand that no two businesses are alike, so they provide a managed service to meet your specific IT demands, giving you the peace of mind to operate efficiently, tackle new challenges and grow to the next level.

Tier4 are now a 20-strong team, providing IT services and support, focused on business systems used by typical New Zealand organisations, from small through to large, straightforward to complex, so for more information on Auckland IT companies and IT services please go to .