Start the Year Off by Ridding Your Home of Summer Pests

Tuesday 25 February 2020, 11:01PM
By Beckie Wright

EcoSan Solutions, the leader in professional carpet cleaning and pest control encourages homeowners to protect their homes to ward off the pesky flies and spiders that thrive especially in warmer weather.

In the midst of the New Zealand summer, there are higher chances for flies to increase and disrupt daily indoor and outdoor activities. Apart from disturbing BBQ sessions, flies that thrive in warmer weathers can also infiltrate homes and stick to light fittings as light easily attracts them. Homeowners may have noticed flies swarming around their holiday dinners, an unfortunate dampener on an otherwise wonderful day.

Not that flies are the only pests one needs to worry about during the summer. Families should also be wary of spiders as their numbers also increase in direct correlation to flies. When there is a presence of flies, spiders will eventually gain access to homes and gardens as they feed off them.

Employing preventive measures such as spraying early on for flies and spiders means homeowners are one-step ahead. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than a cure and the same goes for pest treatment. Annual treatments are found to be more effective than reactive treatments that only treat the problem once the issue has already worsened. Annual fly and spider treatment also help in keeping outdoor roaches and ants at bay.

Taking precautionary measures such as removing exposed food and covering fishbowls may decrease their manifestation. However, they are more likely to re-enter homes just within an hour. Along with sanitising homes, homeowners should strongly consider hiring professional pest control services from EcoSan Solutions.

EcoSan Solutions use water-based flu sprays that are made up of microparticles that do not damage surfaces and are proven safe for family and pets. EcoSan effectively keeps homes protected from pests as well as the possible diseases they may carry.

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