Real Mum Reviews From Green Group Collective NZ

Tuesday 25 February 2020, 11:26PM
By Beckie Wright

At Green Group Collective they have designed their products to meet New Zealand and international standards, paying attention to even the finest detail. However, there is nothing quite like feedback from real parents who have used their products, so they have a collection of honest reviews for people to read through.

Amie says, “I found the pump so easy to use, and so comfortable and soft, I almost forgot I had it on. It had such good suction I wasn’t worried about it coming off accidentally at all. Even with a wiggly baby! The sanitiser provides great piece of mind, with its long lasting staying power. It’s just another line of defence against unwanted germs”.

And from Nikita, “I was lucky enough to trial out the new breast pump and I absolutely love it! Initially it took a little fiddling with to get it suctioned on, but that was because I was juggling a baby who wanted to feed. Once it was on it was super comfortable and hung on! To be honest it didn’t feel like anything was attached to me. I kept my hand under it because what mum is happy when they lose all their milk they just collcted! I was pleasantly impressed that it never fell off. Even better, that it had a lid too, so that if I knocked it, no split milk. Yay!

I was even luckier to trial the new hygienic sprays. I am so excited to incorporate the everything spray for absolutely everything! We have lots of people coming in and out of our house as my husband runs an acupuncture clinic and a martial arts dojo, so to have something like this would make our home feel a lot cleaner! I cannot wait 9until these products come out onto shelves so I can have them.

Finally, Anna says, “As a mum of three, I have tried several other silicone pumps, not sure if it’s from being bugger breasted I found them uncomfortable. They had a pulling or pinching feeling. However, on trying I found it didn’t pull and had a nice soft natural feel which was much nicer to use.

There are many more equally enthusiastic testimonials which can be found on the Green Group Collective website, and for more information on breast pumps online, breast pumping tips and breast pump accessories please visit the website at .