How It Works at Idea Donkey

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 2:49PM
By Beckie Wright

Idea Donkey’s mantra is, “Great video marketing starts with great stories. Be unique, inspire and connect”, starting with conceptualising. If you want a video but are not sure where to start, Idea Donkey’s team of creatives can brainstorm ideas with you to come up with awesome video content that meets your goals and works within your budget.

Idea Donkey will organise everything, from big budget to small crews, and cater for every scenario and need. They use high end cameras to ensure the very best quality video and audio, but more importantly, they use highly skilled, creative and experienced crew to ensure your shoot runs smoothly, and they get the content that is required.

Next up is editing. At Idea Donkey, they are all story tellers, and using skilled and experienced editors they can piece your video content together to ensure your story gets told in the best possible way. They also have skilled motion graphic artists on hand to add stylish and exciting graphics to your production.

And, finally publication! With so many channels and platforms for digital marketing, it can be a minefield to manage, so Idea Donkey will make sure each video matches the technical specs needed to maximise the different social media and video channel platforms. With their knowledge of video they can also advise the best way to get the most out of your video marketing strategy. 

Idea Donkey provides a full service video production service to their clients, creating quality online video content that inspires and connects from conceptualisation, to shooting, to editing, to publishing to everything in between, so for more information on promotional videos for business and video production Auckland please go to .