What is an Enzyme Spa?

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 2:51PM
By Beckie Wright

As many people are still unsure as what an enzyme spa is, we are devoting this press release to explaining its many benefits. Enzyme Spa is a traditional Japanese deep heating ritual tracing its origins over 90 years. Made from a unique blend of rice bran, pinewood sawdust and Japanese enzymes carefully sourced from organic fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds grown in Hokkaido, Japan, this warming, dry spa releases tension, detoxifies the body and both invigorates and softens skin.

Enzymes are biological catalysts, which are essential for life and the key ingredient in Enzyme Spa. Our own bodies have over 5000 kinds of vital enzymes, all of which have unique characteristics and functions in breaking down toxins, and at Ikoi, they have worked with Super Ohtaka in Hokkaido, Japan to create the original and uncompromised dry Enzyme Spa.

Step in to the Enzyme Spa, feel the heat from nature's purification process as the enzymes break down all the other ingredients. Even though it is a self-cleansing medium, Enzyme Spa is replenished every week in order to keep the pleasant aromatic quality of the treatment.

As you relax, the Enzyme Spa treatment detoxifies your body, reduces tension and stress while invigorating and softening your skin. More health benefits of an Enzyme Spa also include improved sleep quality, increased energy levels and loss of excess body fat. An Enzyme Spa treatment will also give you a clearer and healthier skin, and will also provide a stronger immune system, reduced muscular pain, healthier blood circulation, and improved digestion systems, so for more information on massage North Shore, back exfoliation and spa treatments Auckland please go to .