Summer Time is Wedding Time at Meg's Tailoring

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 3:03PM
By Beckie Wright

Summer is a wonderful time of the year for weddings, and no more so than at Meg’s Tailoring, where for them, the bridal season never ends. You could say they almost have more brides than they can handle, but that is exactly what they love as it sets their creative juices flowing more than ever.

The imaginative and resourceful Meg’s Tailoring team are at their best when they are advising first time, or even second time around brides on their ‘big day’. Often brides come to them with their own pre-conceived ideas on what they want their gown to look like and the Meg’s girls are more than happy to totally accurately reproduce their client’s ideas.

The Meg’s Tailoring service includes designing, creating and fitting a bridal gown as well as restyling and altering any gown that the bride might provide.  The professional team at Meg’s Tailoring are very adept at taking in or letting out bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses, and can also do hand-beading and boned gowns.

What they have noticed this season is that they are getting requests for all kinds of styles from vintage to the very trendy and modern ‘hippy chick’. The ingenious Meg’s Tailoring team just love a challenge and they also enjoy collaborating with their customers to produce the perfect dress on the day.

They also appreciate that in today’s ‘image conscious’ world, their customers are all after the ‘perfect fit’. The experienced and professional team at Meg’s Tailoring can re-shape new dresses that are not quite the shape desired, putting in cups for ‘curvier curves’ and, of course, shortening, taking in, letting out the sides, and sometimes even lengthening a gown.

The Meg’s team provide a ‘steam and press’ service, free-of-charge, and for those who are too busy before the wedding, they will deliver your gowns to your door by courier and even stay with the bridal party to help them fit their gowns, so for more information on restyling bridal gowns, clothes alterations and wedding outfits please go to .