The Importance of Environmental Remediation in Demolition Projects

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 3:10PM
By Beckie Wright

Nikau Group are Australasia's leading provider in deconstruction, demolition, environmental hazardous material remediation and consulting with over 35 years of industry service, and given how much waste is created during the construction or demolition of a commercial project, they are a vital part of this industry.

One of the main purposes of recycling is to decrease the amount of garbage being sent to our landfills, and the more waste that is created, the less space becomes available in landfills. Large waste that is created by construction and demolition projects contribute a great amount to this problem.

It has become increasingly important for developers and construction companies to reduce their waste by recycling certain materials. Not only are business seeing as a way to help the planet and conserve resources, they are also seeing it as an opportunity to reduce costs in the long run.

Along with the other benefits of recycling, there is the added benefit of reduced pollution. Landfills produce a very large amount of methane gas, which is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas. By reducing the amount, we send to landfills, we reduce the size of landfills. This will ultimately reduce the amount of methane gas produced.

Nikau Group has for many years implemented a waste reduction and management policy for its sites.  Vast increases in waste materials lead to greater increases in disposal costs, so where it is possible, the company attempts to salvage a minimum of 90% of a demolished structure.  This target has been achieved through the implementation of specialist plant and equipment (such as rotational shears, timber machining and recycling facilities, onsite and offsite recycling plants) in conjunction with personnel commitment through specialist training and incentives to meet their targets.

Nikau has recyling facilities located at the former Meremere Power Plant, Waikato, conveniently located on State Highway 1, and their waste recovery services include mobile concrete crushing, shredding tyres, timber and light gauge metals, wood and concrete separation, aggregate washing, tub grinding and screening.

The effects of pollution and the overuse of our natural resources is a very real issue, and at Nikau Group they are committed to doing their part to help preserve our planet and its beauty, so for more information on land remediation, scrap metal recycling and demolition waste management please go to .