MagicSeal Create a Better Place to Live

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 5:04PM
By Beckie Wright

Insects and bugs can be a real problem at this time of the year, and these days nobody wants to use chemicals to spray them away, which is why MagicSeal have come up with a range of insect screens, the chemical free way for protection from insects. This month we look at their Rollaway insect screen, a non-obtrusive, stylish screen which will look good in any home.

There are several advantages to having a Rollaway insect screen installed, including the fact that they are stylish, effective and practical. When insects and bugs are making a nuisance of themselves, all you need to do is just roll down the insect screen, and when not in use, the Roll-away insect screen, rolls up into its pelmet and out of sight. This also helps keep the Roll-away insect screen clean. The pelmet can be power coated to any colour, you would like, so it blends in with the existing framing.

The Rollaway insect screen provides a physical barrier against flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects, and retracts out of sight into a Euro style head-box at the top of your window frame, when not in use. Unlike conventional screens, there is no obstruction across the closed window.

These screens, like all MagicSeal’s products are made with high quality components and materials, and are New Zealand made, and all components are individually replaceable offering a virtually unlimited lifespan.

Many people don’t realise how unobtrusive modern insect screens are, and they are usually pleasantly surprised at how they blend into the home’s joinery, particularly if they are finished in a matching powder coat colour. 

As they say at MagicSeal, “Our sole intention is to make any living/working space that utilises our products a better place to live”, so for more information on security doors NZ, retractable doors and retrofit double glazing Christchurch please go to .