Naenae Dental Clinic Discuss Dental Care in Relation to the Whole Body

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 5:10PM
By Beckie Wright

This month Naenae Dental Clinic are looking at how a healthy mouth can affect your overall health, and dental care in relation to the whole body. Did you know that an unhealthy mouth can create negative effects for your overall wellbeing, and put you at risk of many diseases? As they say, “The mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body after all”.

Plaque consists of the over-500 species of bacteria that live in your mouth, and can lead to serious health problems if allowed to accumulate over time. Normally, your mouth has defences that stop the bacteria in plaque entering your bloodstream and causing serious infection, but plaque build-up alongside gum disease poses the risk for oral bacteria entering your bloodstream and causing problems in other parts of your body.

Similarly, loss of teeth and long-term gum infections can contribute to insulin resistance that disrupts blood sugar control and can potentially lead to diabetes. Studies have also shown that bacteria in the mouth may cause inflammation throughout the body, possibly extending to the arteries. This serves the foundation for artery problems and cardiovascular disease, which could increase your risk of a stroke or heart attack.

For example, endocarditis is an infection of the inner lining of your heart, also caused by infections in the bloodstream, which can stem from unchecked bacteria in the mouth. Dangerous bacteria within infected teeth and gums can also enter the respiratory system, leading to infections such as pneumonia, and have even been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, as oral infections can easily spread bacteria to the brain.

It’s clear that a healthy mouth and good oral hygiene is key to minimising the risk of dangerous diseases, and making sure your whole body is in the best health possible, so there’s no excuse not to start brushing your teeth regularly. If you feel ‘behind’ when it comes to your oral health, then seeing a dental hygienist who can thoroughly check your teeth is a good place to start. Naenae Dental Clinic’s experienced dental hygienists can help thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, preventing plaque accumulation and the progression to gum disease.  

The Naenae Dental Clinic team can help you with any dental hygiene issue and much more when it comes to improving your overall long-term health, so for more information on root canal treatments, dental crowns and dental fillings please go to .