Save Money at NZ Laptops With Your Kids' Back to School Laptops

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 6:39PM
By Beckie Wright

We are all aware of the financial pressures New Zealand households face to equip their children with the new technology, so it pays to shop around for your kids’ back to school requirements. NZ Laptops have noticed that very little information is given about the total cost of ownership for these devices. Up front purchase is just one aspect, but all too often the devices are damaged in young hands (when, not if) and with the increasing popularity of touchscreens, all too often this results in an uneconomical or unrepairable outcome.

Glenn Collins at NZ Laptops says families are often “walking in blind” when purchasing a brand new laptop from the retailer, and it’s not untill the device is broken and the end result is parents complain that they wish they had more information at the time of purchase. NZ Laptops will go to the trouble to explain that if the device was non-touch, or if you had purchased a slightly different model or brand with the same specs, the cost to repair would be a fraction of the original purchase price, not more.

But there is a silver lining. NZ Laptops specialise in both repairs and sales of refurbished laptops. If the laptop is unrepairable, they still have other options for customers. Pre-sales information is crucial, and after explaining to customers those ‘what-if scenarios’ it’s very easy to demonstrate the value of high quality, pre-selected, refurbished laptops on offer.

Since the first pilot of chromebooks ten years ago, BYOD (bring your own device) chromebooks and laptops have seen an ever increasing adoption across primary, intermediate and secondary schools, so the new school year can prove to be a very expensive time for many Kiwi families. Make NZ Laptops your first port of call this year for your children’s devices, and for more information on refurbished Macbook Pro NZ, second hand computers NZ and used laptops please go to .