More About the Team at PC Rentals

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 6:41PM
By Beckie Wright

We are featuring the members who make up the team at PC Rentals, and this month we spotlight Daniel Kilisimasi. Daniel’s role at PC Rentals is as the operations manager for the Auckland branch, and his previous role at PC Rentals was as an IT technician/warehouse manager. Dnaiel has been at PC Rentals since 2012.

As Daniel says, “Before I started working for PC Rentals, I was helping them with their installations a few times a year for their large exhibition shows. When a position for a technician became available at our Auckland branch, I was offered a full time position”.

As operations manager Daniel’s core duties consist of handling logistics of the day to day jobs, dealing with clients, taking their orders, preparing them and installing them. The job also involves setting up IT equipment at shows and exhibitions, which ranges from LED's to laptops, printers and PCs. A big part of the job is troubleshooting IT problems, which he says he enjoys as it helps improve his IT knowledge, and means he is still learning new things regardless of how long he has been doing this job.

Daniel continues, “My job can vary from day to day depending on the client's needs, what jobs are on and where the job takes place, so some days I find myself prepping gear at the office and the next installing an event consisting of 50 TV screens. I enjoy my role as it involves travel, being quite physical and not stuck behind a desk all day. We have a good team at PC Rentals and the service we provide is exemplary and professional”.

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