EcoSan Pest Control Specialists Tackle Infestation in Restaurant, Provide Tips About Keeping Insects Out

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 7:06PM
By Beckie Wright

Recently, EcoSan consulted with a group of restaurants operating in the Auckland area. The restaurants were being plagued with a German Roach infestation numbering in the thousands, and they were struggling to evict their unwanted guests using cockroach traps and standard insecticides. After working with another pest control company to resolve the infestation and failing, the brand turned to EcoSan for specialised treatment.

After three months of implementing specialised, targeted insect treatments the roach population was gone. From there, EcoSan worked with the restaurant group to implement a solid standard pest control protocol. This ensured a return to their high hygiene standards and allowed EcoSan to walk out of the door knowing that another job had been done well.

Following this client, the pest control specialists at EcoSan are championing how important it is to choose the right method of extermination. Broad spectrum spraying—a method used by many pest control companies in Auckland—target almost all insects, and as such are typically requested by clients. Unfortunately, this method is environmentally toxic, and is especially unsuitable for work in the commercial industry where food is nearby.

In fact, broad spectrum spraying can create a resistance to insecticides over time in the insects, as the strong ones tend to survive the broad approach and breed more. This leads to nests forming in clusters, prompting a battle that could last for months to years at a time with repeated fumigations.

The specialist method used by EcoSan wipes out the population and the nest order while utilising safer chemicals. The chemicals are sprayed in specific areas, thus limiting environmental toxicity. Furthermore, spraying the nests achieves long lasting results within ten to ninety days later, as the nests are gone and the insects can no longer breed.

If you would like to learn more about EcoSan’s method of pest eradication, follow the link below to their pest control specialist website.