Ask Bartercard Have Some Tips on How to Stick to Your 2020 Goals

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 9:21PM
By Beckie Wright

The new year is always a good time to reassess your goals, and ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to create good discipline habits that will allow you to succeed. Be they business or pleasure, persistence is the most important quality.

Bartercard know a thing or two about staying true to your goals, and they have some tips to help you stay on track.

There are four key reasons why we fail to stick to our goals.

Interruptions – Travel, illness, visitors, crises, and other interruptions can make us feel discouraged. The interruption itself is not the obstacle. The real issue is that we tend to knock certain priorities down a peg anytime something new pops up.

Exhaustion – Illness, lack of sleep or a proper routine, travel, and other distracting factors can wear us out. Exhaustion is a known motivation killer that can derail challenging habits or projects. When we’re tired, we often turn to the easier - but ultimately less rewarding - comforts of idle distractions.

Lack of progress – We naturally want to see a reward for our efforts, but some projects, commitments, and habits don’t yield immediate results. Sticking it out to the end is the only way to truly reap what you’ve sown.

Busy schedules – Let’s face it – we’re all busy people. Sometimes more immediate obligations can pile up, taking priority from our passion projects or less measurable ambitions.

All these challenges can combine to negatively impact our mood and our state of mind. When we feel down, we feel like quitting, so how to get back on track? Motivation can be a struggle, so take small, attainable steps toward your goal, and focus on your successes.  

Focusing on smaller, short-term successes can bring your bigger picture into focus, so set short-term goals that can set your business up to increase profits and retain customers in the long-haul, and contact Bartercard to learn more about how those goals can be met.

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