Exciting New Features From The Gasman's INFINITY N Series

Wednesday 26 February 2020, 9:29PM
By Beckie Wright

The Gasman is now selling the new range Rinnai recently introduced in January this year the INFINITY N Series, their latest range of commercial condensing continuous flow water heaters. This range includes external (N56kWe) and internal (N56Wi) models in NG and LPG, all with an output of 55.5W (32L/min).

This new range has a host of exciting new features including, a stainless steel heat exchanger and internal piping, a down draft burner requiring less maintenance and pump connectivity. With pump connectivity you can power and control a circulating ring main from the appliance.

It also has a capability for the longest maximum flue lengths of any Rinnai INFINITY, and a plastic PP flue system with single appliance and common flue options.

With these features the INFINITY N Series has greater installation flexibility, reduced commissioning times and reduced maintenance.

This exciting new range will replace The Gasman’s INFINITY EF250 range, and has been available since January this year. INFINITY EF250s were available until January and while stocks last.  

Pricing for this new range are now available on the website, and prices will likely be slightly above the INFINITY EF250 models, so customers need to check pricing for contracts planned for 2020.

Complete product information can be downloaded from the website, so if you have any questions on the Rinnai INFINITY N Series, please feel free to contact The Gasman on 0800 746 624 or via email at, and for more information on gas heaters NZ and gas fires please go to the website at .