Mavic Apparel, Helmets, Wheels & Shoes on Sale at Bike Barn

Friday 28 February 2020, 11:28AM
By Beckie Wright

In Bike Barn stores across the country, components and apparel from the world-renowned Mavic brand are being sold at discounted prices. Mavic is a pioneering brand in the world of cycling, constantly pushing the boundaries of what cyclists can do. All the while, their priority has always been the happiness and enjoyment of the cyclist, no matter what kind of bike they’re on. And now, Kiwis can get a taste of that ingenuity at a fraction of the regular cost.

As part of Bike Barn’s Importer’s Clearance Sale, all Mavic apparel, tyres, wheels, shoes, and helmets have all been marked down to ridiculously low prices. All stock from the previous season must go, and these prices will last until all Mavic stock is gone. And it will go quickly.

Mavic apparel is separated into road, mountain, and casual wear, and each piece has different properties that will help you to love your ride more. Adhering closely to the body, the jackets, bibshorts, and tanks are all moisture wicking for a comfortable ride. Customers can choose from jackets made for the cold, the driving rain, windbreakers, or layers simply made for protection from flying mud. All will go the distance, lasting for years after their purchase.

The same goes for their bike helmets for sale, their shoes, and their wheels. No matter what kind of bike they ride, or what kind of cyclist they are, customers can find the ideal solution within the discounted Mavic range.

Follow the link below to learn more about the available discounted stock at Bike Barn.