Transform Your Property with Pool Landscape Designs from Luijten Landscaping

Friday 28 February 2020, 1:31PM
By Beckie Wright

Award winning landscape design company Luijten Landscaping has built many custom outdoor swimming pools for discerning homeowners in Auckland. The company believes in assisting homeowners address all design-related decisions around choosing the ideal pool.

Luijten Landscaping has a reputation built on stringent standards of pool construction and ensure they are meeting council standards and the exacting standards of the homeowners. When it comes to pool design homeowners are faced with tough and confusing issues like the size and shape as there are so many to choose from. The pool can be shallow or deep, made of concrete or fiberglass or be a salt /mineral water pool or traditional chloride pool. These design questions also determine the cost of the pool and can throw unexpected challenges in managing costs.

Luijten Landscaping can help owners understand how to balance the pool design to the size of the property. They can plan the overall area around the pool and help decide the kind of decking, paving or lawn that can go around it. Leaving space for the children and pets to play as well as areas to relax and have a barbeque are important design considerations when it comes to pool landscaping. Safety fencing also needs to be considered as it is required by council regulations and necessary around children and pets. Other essentials that need to be considered include storage, pump and cover among others and that is why hiring a professional that has the expertise is essential.

Starting with a landscape design plan from Luijten Landscaping will nail down a vision and create clear expectations and a roadmap for both the client and everyone involved in the project. They can present homeowners with pool choices available in the market. The company only deals with reputed pool specialists who market products that are high quality and designed to last a lifetime. They will liaise with the pool company regarding installation and project feasibility.

Homeowners who are not entirely sure about where to start or need help in bringing their ideas to reality can visit the Luijten Landscaping showroom. Their design specialists can offer ideas, discuss materials and show completed projects.

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