Brad Novak & his "Starman" print of David Bowie Brad Novak & his "Starman" print of David Bowie CREDIT: New Zealand Fine Prints

Artist's Bowie Print Sells Out in Record Time!

Wednesday 4 March 2020, 2:48PM
By New Zealand Fine Prints

Only 3 months after release, artist Brad Novak’s ingenious Bowie-inspired art print sells out in record time at New Zealand Fine Prints.

Influenced by both fine art and street art styles, Brad Novak’s hand-collaged limited edition prints combine artistic processes of layering and popular imagery in his designs, creating spectacular prints that are one-of-a-kind.

Novak’s recent Starman portrait printed in late 2019, is an incredible four-layer screenprint including silver foil on jet black art paper. This piece depicts a portrait of David Bowie on a black, starless-night background, superimposed on the silver disk of a luminous moon. Starman references the song title of one of Bowie’s classics as well as incorporates imagery of Bowie’s stardust persona, Ziggy.

Novak has been creating Bowie-inspired art since 2015 when he first visited the David Bowie Is exhibition in Melbourne. Having always loved and admired Bowie’s music and artistic processes, Novak’s art is influenced by Bowie’s fashion style and bravery as well. Novak especially respects Bowie’s persistence and resolve to keep his personal life private. And when the shocking news of Bowie’s death reached the world in 2016, Novak felt the loss deeply, as he had been working on an art piece in honour of Bowie that very day.

Love and respect for Bowie is evidently still felt strongly within the art world and the prints NZ community as the popular Starman edition of 25 prints has sold extremely quickly. With a retail price of $895 NZD, the final print is presently still available for purchase within the collection of New Zealand Fine Prints’ limited edition prints.