Bathroom Direct Say Bathrooms an Important Selling Point When Preparing Your Home For Sale

Monday 23 March 2020, 3:58PM
By Beckie Wright

Most real estate agents will tell you that your bathroom can be a huge selling point in a home, and the state of your bathroom has a significant effect on how well your house will sell. Bathroom Direct agree that renovating your bathroom, or even just switching out your old appliances for something new, can make a big difference to the final sale price.

Your bathroom, especially if it was built a few years’ ago, is one of the first places to show visible decay in a home. This is mainly because the moisture created in bathrooms over time will cause the contents of the space to age more quickly than any other room. Water damage can be a real problem, but it’s also an opportunity to increase the value and enjoyment of your home with a full or partial renovation.

Bathroom Direct like to keep things as easy as possible for you, so once you approve your final plan and budget, they’ll assign a dedicated project manager to oversee every part of the bathroom renovations. This will include the combination of their project management team and their highly skilled tradespeople, allowing them to get projects completed with as little inconvenience and disruption as possible to their customers and their families. Your project manager will keep you fully up to date at all times, and you’ll never need to be involved with coordinating any of the work.

A modern bathroom will attract more buyers, increasing the competition. People are much more willing to pay more for a house that doesn’t need any work rather than pay to renovate after purchasing. This means when renovating your bathroom, it’s important to think about the design that will appeal to a lot of people, rather than your own personal tastes.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom before you sell your home, it’s always best to consult a professional first. Bathroom Direct can help you through the whole process; from consultation about what bathrooms sell best, to helping you all the way through to when your installation is complete, so for more information on small bathroom renovations, bathroom renovation ideas NZ and bathroom vanities NZ please go to .