Ensure Survival & Build Success With Greenlion's Accounting Services

Monday 23 March 2020, 4:12PM
By Beckie Wright

Greenlion say that for  every client their commitment is the same; to provide an excellent professional accounting service, coupled with a genuine client focus. Their philosophy is, ‘Ensure survival and build success,’ with their full service providing Annual Financial Statements, payroll processing, dividend preparation and Company office administration, including Annual Returns.

Greenlion provide a full accounting service and can help with your payroll, tax returns, financial statements, contract assessments and much more. They are not your typical accountants, as they believe in forming deep relationships with their clients and provide support with all your financial dealings. They know business is not just numbers and spreadsheets but more about people, and in fact, they think the future of business remains all about relationships.

Greenlion love getting to know their clients as they recognise that to identify the best solutions they must first understand your needs, challenges and opportunities. They then work with you to develop winning, executable solutions and then support you with implementation.

Xero has enabled them to take their services to the next level, and the real time data and reduced costs allow them to deliver a higher quality service at a lower cost. Their team are Xero experts, not just because they have close to 1000 clients on Xero but because they have been part of the Xero journey since the beginning.

As members of the Xero Partner Council they are part of the team shaping Xero’s future, and their work with Xero has also provided many benefits to their clients, including reduced costs and greater efficiencies through automation. Their App advisory work with add-on applications takes these benefits to the next level.

Most of all, Greenlion pride themselves on not giving theoretical advice and an invoice. It’s just not their style, so for more information on business advisory services, accounting firms Auckland and  Xero bookkeeping please go to .