Wood Solutions Proud of Their New Eco-friendly Factory

Monday 23 March 2020, 4:54PM
By Beckie Wright

Wood Solutions are designers and craftsmen of bespoke joinery, and in January 2018 they moved into a purpose set-up factory with over 3000m2 space to increase its efficiency and production capacity. The new factory is a work environment which is clean and bright with a mix of energy efficient and good natural lighting, and the new, large extraction systems allows separation of clean shavings, significantly reducing landfill waste.

This process allows Wood Solutions to supply to local farms for animal bedding and the system also includes a smart system that sensors machines in use and adjusts power consumption to suit.  These features, coupled with the re-circulation heat recovery system, pushes clean air back into the factory and reducing heating costs.  These systems help lower the environmental impact and make Wood Solutions one of the most state of the art factories in the South Island.

An in-built dust extraction is fitted to all workbenches, with this high-powered system allowing floors to be vacuumed rather than traditionally swept.  Acoustic, sound- absorbing panels are fitted throughout the factory, making for a cleaner, quieter and more pleasant work environment, meaning the Production Team can focus more on creating exceptional joinery.

A specialist side load (German-made Hubtex) forklift allows maximum efficiency with all martials available at all times, increasing productivity and decreasing the required storage space for stock materials. Wood Solutions has a wide range of stock including sheet material, hardware and over 100 packets of timber thus making Wood Solutions the largest stockists of specialty timber in the lower South Island. This ability allows additional efficiency with a competitive advantage through stronger buying power.

Wood Solutions, due to its long history in the industry, and now its eco-friendly factory, has all the necessary systems, machinery and a stable workforce in place to undertake any type of work. They pride themselves on their quality and stand behind the workmanship of all their projects, so for more information on kitchen joinery Dunedin, timber joinery Dunedin and commercial joinery design please go to .